spiced beef

You can follow this recipe to cook your Award-Winning Spiced Beef this Christmas, for delicious and tender results. I hope you enjoy it!

Prep time – 10mins

Cooking Time – Depends on the size of the joint of meat.


You will need:

1 Head of Cabbage

1 Corned Beef Joint/Bacon Joint/Spiced Beef Joint (3lb joint will feed 5 people – and should take approx 1.75hrs – 2hrs plus resting time)

Additional Equipment: If you have a large stock pot (approx 28cm in diameter) with a vegetable steamer that fits inside it’s ideal; if not don’t worry – just use two separate pots.


1.Place the meat into the saucepan and cover with cold water (don’t be tempted to cheat and use boiling water as the result is not the same).

2.Place the pot of meat & water on a high heat until it comes to the boil.

3.Once it reaches boiling point, reduce the heat to the lowest possible setting, so that you only have a bare simmer. You don’t want to boil the meat past this point as this will cause it to be tough and rubbery.

4.Because Twomey’s meat is slow pickled, there is no need to change the water.

5.About 30 mins before your meat is due to be ready, begin to prepare your cabbage.

6.Remove the outermost leaves first. Then cut your cabbage from pole to pole (ie not around the equator).

7.Cut away the root – you can do this with a sharp knife by cutting a large, upsidedown V shape into the bottom of the halved cabbage.

8.I prefer to cut the cabbage first and then wash it, but the choice is yours. I cut the cabbage width-ways into half inch strips.

9.To wash the cabbage, I break up all the strips into their individual pieces and wash it in batches, in a collander under running cold water, tossing it with my hand so that all the cabbage gets washed.

10.Once it is all washed, place the cabbage in your steamer and place over the meat in the large stock pot – alternatively you can steam it separately in a single-pot-steamer. If you boil the cabbage in the cooking water with the meat, it will absorb the fat from the water and lose a lot of nutrients into the cooking water (which you will pour down the drain!!).

11.Once the meat is cooked (it will be very tender), turn off the heat under your saucepan and leave the meat to sit for as long as possible in the cooking water – preferably one hour minimum (we recommend leaving it overnight if you can, for the most tender result).

12.Before serving, add a generous knob of butter to the cabbage & coat well.

To Serve:

For Spiced Beef, I prefer it served at room temperature – never chilled from the fridge, as this dulls the flavours of all those lovely spices. Serve, thinly sliced, on Brown Soda Bread.

For Corned Beef – Serve with boiled potatoes. If you wish to add a sauce to your Corned Beef, the following go well:

– Horseradish Sauce

– Horseradish Cream Sauce (make a basic white sauce, add 2 tblsp of Horseradish & finish with some cream).

– Parsley Sauce (basic white sauce, at the end, remove from heat & add 2 tblsp parsley, 1/2 tsp of smooth mustard).

– White Peppercorn Sauce (basic white sauce, add 2tsp of green peppercorns when adding the milk).