Wagyu Fillet Steaks x 2 (4oz/8oz/10oz)

Wagyu Fillet Steaks x 2 (4oz/8oz/10oz)


An intensely marbled Fillet steak; the intense marbling stemming from the genetic predisposition of the Wagyu breed. A pleasure for the senses.



The Wagyu meat is self-basting from within, giving you a most succulent, flavoursome steak – providing a nutty, buttery taste.

Not only is the taste of this Wagyu Fillet Steak unique, but the “melt in the mouth” texture is like nothing you have tried before.

To cook:

Heat a frying pan on a high heat – DO NOT ADD OIL. Once the pan is smoking hot, add the steak; no more than two at a time. Season to your liking with a little salt and freshly ground black pepper. Turn once the meat is well seared on one side, and cook to your liking. Allow to rest before serving.