Wagyu Feather Blade of Beef 2kg


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  • Wagyu Feather Blade of Beef 2kg



    Feather blade, a long cut of meat taken from the shoulder of the animal. It sits on the side of the shoulder blade and when sliced looks like a feather with the connective tissue like the quill. Cut like this it is good for casseroles. However, if the connective tissue is removed it gives two flat muscles that are very lean with a good flavour and firm texture. These are perfect for casseroles but also for flash frying. Braised for several hours, you will have a flavoursome, beautifully soft and tender meat that provides excellent value for money.


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  • Wagyu Fillet of Beef 1kg



    Wagyu fillet is spectacular for a dinner party, or Christmas, and sure to ‘wow’ your guests on any special occasion. It has superb flavour, and is very different to any other fillet of beef you will have ever tasted. Extraordinarily tender, you are sure to enjoy that “melt-in-the-mouth” experience. Best cooked med – rare.



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  • Wagyu Rump Roast 1.5kg



    When it comes to roasts, those who value flavour above all else tend to choose rump. As the name suggests, it is a cut comes from the hindquarter of the animal. In tenderness, if cooked correctly, it is certainly close to a rib roast, and has a deep, mineral savouriness; your taste buds will certainly thank you.



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  • Wagyu Short Ribs (1.5kg – 4.5kg)


    Wagyu Ribs may have less meat than most other cuts of beef, but that meat is bursting with amazing flavour and a buttery-tender texture. As the name suggests, this cut comes from the ribs of the animal, from the underbelly area and as a result, these ribs are highly marbled, meaty and completely delicious.

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  • Wagyu Striploin Roast 1.25kg



    An intensely marbled Striploin roast; the intense marbling stemming from the genetic predisposition of the Wagyu breed. The Wagyu meat is self-basting from within, giving you a most succulent, flavoursome roast – providing a nutty, buttery taste. Not only is the taste of this Wagyu Striploin roast unique, but the “melt in the mouth” texture is like nothing you have tried before.




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