Anniversary BBQ called for something special!
Another win for West Cork Food with Macroom Wagyu from Twomey Butchers.

I can honestly say that I have never tasted beef like this before!
Cooked medium rare on the BBQ.

Karen Coakley @KarenCoakley1  TV Cook on RTÉ Today Show.

Tricia and I pride ourselves on only using the highest quality produce at The Square Table Blarney. Michael Twomey’s Wagyu beef burgers are exceptional and have become our number one lunch time seller. Not only is the beef is outstanding but very reasonably priced. The following are comments customers have made about the burger. ”Flavour is amazing””this is real beef” and ”melt in your mouth” these are only a few examples.

The dish we serve is simply about the beef burger, it speaks for itself. We season it with salt and cracked black pepper. Sear both sides in a hot pan and put in oven for 6minutes.

– Martina & Tricia Cronin, Executive Head Chef/Proprietors,
The Square Table Restaurant, Blarney, Co. Cork

We have started using Wagyu X Beef from Michael Twomey’s our local butcher. We started with Wagyu X Burgers which are healthier and good & meaty with enhanced flavour. Our customers have all commented on the flavour and the meatiness of them, and they are proving to be very popular on our menus. Now we also have introduced the steaks which have increased marbling, this improves the flavour and tenderness.

The customers are very pleased and can easily taste the difference. We have received very good feedback and have increased sales on steaks. The customers are willing to pay the extra price.”

– Pat Ryan, Executive Head Chef,
The Castle Hotel 4*, Macroom, Co. Cork

“We have recently started using Michael Twomey’s Waygu X minced beef and we find its delicious, we only season with salt and pepper as its already so flavoursome. We have had excellent feedback one lady even said “its better then fillet steak”. We are so proud to be the only restaurant using Twomey’s Waygu X beef in Kinsale.”

– Leona & Dee, Executive Head Chef/Proprietors,
Nine Market Street Restaurant, Kinsale, Co. Cork.

“We have been using West Cork Wagyu on our menus since April 2015. We pride ourselves on sourcing the best quality Irish produce to make up our menus and West Cork Wagyu is certainly up there with the very best. As a chef its great to be using something that’s a little bit different to the norm. We are using both the loin and cheek in one of our dishes and we are receiving great feedback from our guests about it. We are delighted to be associated with such a wonderful product.

John, Thyme Restaurant Athlone