Wagyu Beef Burgers 4 x 6oz


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  • Wagyu Beef Burgers 4 x 6oz


    Wagyu  Beef Burgers

    4 x 6oz Wagyu Beef Burgers

    100% minced pure Wagyu Beef . This burger contains no seasonings, allowing the true flavour of the Wagyu to come to the fore.

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  • Wagyu Feather Blade of Beef 2kg



    Feather blade, a long cut of meat taken from the shoulder of the animal. It sits on the side of the shoulder blade and when sliced looks like a feather with the connective tissue like the quill. Cut like this it is good for casseroles. However, if the connective tissue is removed it gives two flat muscles that are very lean with a good flavour and firm texture. These are perfect for casseroles but also for flash frying. Braised for several hours, you will have a flavoursome, beautifully soft and tender meat that provides excellent value for money.


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  • Wagyu Fillet of Beef 1kg



    Wagyu fillet is spectacular for a dinner party, or Christmas, and sure to ‘wow’ your guests on any special occasion. It has superb flavour, and is very different to any other fillet of beef you will have ever tasted. Extraordinarily tender, you are sure to enjoy that “melt-in-the-mouth” experience. Best cooked med – rare.



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  • Wagyu Fillet Steaks x 2 (4oz/8oz/10oz)


    An intensely marbled Fillet steak; the intense marbling stemming from the genetic predisposition of the Wagyu breed. A pleasure for the senses.

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  • Wagyu Flank Steaks 2 x 800g



    One of a group of three flat steaks; this steak is usually overlooked due to the thin nature of the cut, but boasts the most amazing flavour. One could say it has unparalleled flavour in comparison to other cuts.

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  • Wagyu Bavette Steak 2 x 800g



    The bavette, that long, slender steak from the lower end of the belly, sounds less than promising. No rim of creamy-yellow fat to frame its flesh; no thick bone at its side to enrich it as it cooks; a piece of meat that is cut thinner than I usually prefer. And yet, briefly marinated with thyme, garlic and rosemary and cooked quickly on a hot griddle or over coals outdoors and left to rest before slicing, it has become my go-to steak……”
    Nigel Slater, The Guardian, Aug 2018

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  • Wagyu Flat Iron Steaks 2 x 300g



    Flat iron steak is cut from the shoulder of the animal (called the chuck) and is nicely marbled with lots of beefy flavour. When cooked properly, a flat iron steak turns out tender and juicy. The steak’s deep, rich flavour makes it perfect not only on its own, but also as meat for many dishes, such as steak tacos and on makes a perfectly tender steak sandwich.

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  • Wagyu Mince (500g – 1kg)


    Italian bolognese and lasagne, Mexican chilli, Irish cottage pie, homemade burgers and meatballs, all will be enhanced by the tenderness, succulence, and flavour of our Wagyu Mince.

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  • Wagyu Rib Eye Steaks 2 x 12oz



    An intensely marbled Rib Eye steak; the intense marbling stemming from the genetic predisposition of the Wagyu breed.

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